Has your institution changed a life today?

Has your institution changed a life today?

Tactile images bring people, places, and history to all.

Recent Installations

3DPhotoWorks has created tactile prints and installations for museums, science centers, libraries, government agencies, and cultural institutions worldwide. Our staff can be actively involved in the installation process and collaborate with its clients to produce the most immersive and impactful experiences possible.

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We look forward to scheduling a consultation with you and your colleagues to discuss using tactile images to increase accessibility and inclusion at your institution.

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Tactile Prints

Our basic package includes tactile prints created using our innovative process. Any image can be converted and transferred.

Tactile print ready for installation.

Tactile Prints with Braille

Our intermediate package includes tactile prints with braille, making textual information more accessible to the blind.

Tactile print with braille and text ready for installation.

Tactile Prints with Electronic Components & Audio

Our advanced package includes tactile prints with items outlined in our basic and intermediate packages, as well as additional components and sensors to create a more immersive and educational experience.

Tactile display print with control panel, braille, and text ready for installation. Full audio functionality with embedded touch sensors. Components that emit unique smells are also available.

Of what we learn is acquired through sight
Million people are living with blindness
of those who are blind or visually impaired have earned a bachelor’s degree.
blind adults live below the poverty line.

“While sight is not a prerequisite for success, equal access to information is. The next frontier in achieving this goal is access to images, not merely to word’s describing them.”

Mark Riccobono, President, National Federation of the Blind